“Their sound is very brooding and charming ... their tracks leave an undeniable impression on you. It’s
very blunt and raw music too, with no pretence about it.”

- Indie Underground

"Without question one of my favourite tunes in anything rock this year... the
hooks of “I Could Be Happy” are bulletproof and massively catchy.

- Sleeping Bag Studios

Name your band after your grandma. Thelma Ball have done exactly that with their
trademark spotlight shining on the softly medicated culture in which we inhabit. Their
fascination with the soft and gooey grey areas of human experience, hidden underneath
dull perimeters of self-assurance supply the band with a juxtaposed undercurrent from
which they draw their inspiration.

Previous releases, ‘Start a Fight’ and 'Like a Thing', perfectly showcase the band’s dulcet interpretation and modern day commentary. Pre-apocalypse support for Alien Tango, Nature TV and Time for T, as well as strong Spotify playlist coverage, is earning Thelma Ball a reputation of their own and after much toil and graft during Covid’s imposed solitude, the grandma-rock outfit have released, ‘Blue Screen Dreaming’, as their third new single of the year, with more planned for 2022.