“Their sound is very brooding and charming ... their tracks leave an undeniable impression on you. It’s
very blunt and raw music too, with no pretence about it.”

- Indie Underground

"Without question one of my favourite tunes in anything rock this year... the
hooks of “I Could Be Happy” are bulletproof and massively catchy.

- Sleeping Bag Studios

Named after the band’s grandma, Thelma Ball maintain a relentless spotlight on the softly medicated culture in which we inhabit. Their fascination with the soft and gooey grey areas of human experience, hidden underneath dull perimeters of overwhelming self-assurance supply the band with a juxtaposed undercurrent from which they draw their inspiration.


The release of ‘I Could Be Happy’ and the more recent, 'Shy & Unappealing', perfectly showcase the band’s dulcet interpretation and modern day commentary. Support for Alien Tango, Time for T and Latenight Honeymoon amongst others, is earning Thelma Ball a reputation of their own and equipped with their upcoming release, ‘Overachiever’, paired with a BBC Introducing live session in January, 2020 is set to be an important year for the grandma-rock outfit.


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